I just yanked my phone screen a little when opening my SE. Now the display turns on but has lines and looks very broken. I am pretty sure it's the ribbon cables but I don't know where to get replacements and can't find any guides on the obvious sites like iFixit.

What I need to know is if it's definitely a problem with the ribbon cables. Where can I get parts and guides to fix it?

broken iPhone display, blue and black lines, some dark patches


Unfortunately you have damaged the LCD screen which wont allow you to see any visual output until replaced with a new/working screen.

I'm not sure about your location but iPhone repair shops/stalls are common place all over UK (hopefully USA too).

If you feel confident simply a replacement via ebay or amazon following a step by step video guide like ' Jerry RIG ' on Youtube who has excellent tutorials.

Alternatively you can opt for a local vendor to fit a new screen, inadvertently checking everything else is ok and not damaged without you having to pay for a potentially unusable LCD screen!

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