Something is wrong with my version of Apple Music following an upgrade to macOS 10.15 Catalina. Importing songs fails with error "Copying files failed. An unknown error occured (-54)".

The problem goes away if I choose Preferences / Files / Copy Files to Music Media folder when adding to library: No, but resurfaces when I then choose File / Library / Organize Library / Consolidate files.

So this looks clearly like an issue in relation to file access permissions. I did't change from the defaults, and e.g. my Music/iTunes has "Read & Write" only for "Me", which seems readanable.

Is this a known issue (apparently not known to Google in this particular incarnation at this point) and how can it be remedied? I prefer a "conservative" solution in terms of granting additional access rights.

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The following procedure removed the problem:

  1. In Finder, select /Users/myaccount/Music/iTunes, the "Get Info".
  2. Current permissions are me: Read & Write, system: Read & Write, wheel: Read only, everyone: Read only. (I apparently mad a mistake in the earlier observation that only me had Read & Write permission there.)
  3. Select "Apply to enclosed items".

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