Lately whenever I send a photo through Apple's Messages app on my iPhone, it takes an absurdly long time (~5 minutes per photo) and often reports "message failed to send".

Prior to a few weeks ago photo messages worked fine. Normal (non-video) photos sent in a couple of seconds. I'm sending to the same contacts, and they haven't changed any settings. Everyone involved is using iPhones. My network connection is fast and hasn't changed. SMS messaging is turned off and text messages appear in blue bubbles. This issue occurs both in group messaging and individual. My wife reports the same problem on her own phone.

This seemed to begin around the time iOS 13 was released, but before upgrading to it. Upgrading to the latest version (13.1.3) has not fixed it.

Could this be the result of a misconfiguration? Anyone else experiencing similar issues? Anything I can do to fix it?

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