So I have an iPhone 6S on iOS 13.1.2 that's been having this strange issue that I can't find any information or support for. Whenever I use an app that utilizes location services (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Bird Scooter, Doordash Dasher, etc), my cell service drops. I can usually watch the bars of service go away. When I'm not actively using location services, my connection is fine. Sometimes when I toggle airplane mode on and off again it works, for only a few minutes.

I know it isn't an iOS 13 issue as this has been happening for about a year, and I have updated multiple times. However, I did get my battery replaced in December which may have been when the problem started.

I have been to Apple, who ran diagnostics and said they couldn't find any issues. I've also factory reset my phone and still had the issue. I also went to Verizon, who didn't help at all.

Things I've done

  • Update iOS
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Factory Restore

Things I haven't done

  • Get a new SIM card

Have you guys ever seen this issue before? Do you have any tips or solutions? Because it hasn't been a year since the battery replacement, will the warranty help me?

Thank you!

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