After upgrading all my devices I have the following situation regarding iCloud reminders:

  • Reminders are correctly synced among macs (Catalina). I can add reminders, mark them as completed and the changes are shown on all the machines.

  • Reminders are correctly synced to one iPad on one iPhone (both lists are shown and changes are synced)

  • Reminders are not complete on one iPhone and one iPad

    • Instead of my two lists I see two “new list”s
    • One of the is empty (should not)
    • The other one shows just one element (which exist in the original lists but is not the only one)
  • www.icloud.com shows me an empty window (but the lists exist are are working on four devices)

What I tried

  • Restarting
  • Logging out of iCloud and logging in
  • Removing the reminders sync (delete the local storage) and enabling it again
  • Completely reinstalling the non-working iPad and iPhone restoring from backup (after a little while the two empty lists appeared again)

What can I try next?


  • I also noticed that Reminders is eating up a lot of battery on the iPad
  • I also allowed a lot of time to sync among the different tries (even days)
  • I deleted the app (with the data) an reinstalled it

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