Given a text with a link inside:

enter image description here

Prior to iOS 13, i could long press a word that was not part of the URL to select the word, then drag the finger over a word in the URL to select only that word of the URL, without opening the URL.

In iOS 13 this is not possible anymore. When dragging the selection of a single word, the selection gets extended with additional words.

How can I select a single word in a URL to copy the word without opening the URL?


Double tap on that word.

https://www.idownloadblog.com/2019/06/14/ios-13-overview-text-editing-gestures/ says:

  • Select a word: double-tap on it.
  • Select a sentence: tap on the text with three fingers.
  • Select a paragraph: tap on the text with four fingers.
  • Bubble menu: bring up the shortcuts menu by tapping once with three fingers.
  • Select multiple contiguous items: tap with two fingers, then drag to quickly select emails, files and folders.

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