Trying to install Windows 8.1 on an early 2009 mac pro 10.11.6 (model identifier mac pro4,1) with a DVD because the usb shows only EFI boot, and that requires for me to flash my mac to 5,1.(i also read that USB doesn`t work with an early 2009 mac pro)

When starting up my computer i get a "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key" and i haven`t managed for it to see my DVD, if i get into Startup Manager(by pressing option/alt while booting up) I have Windows and Efi boot to choose from, if i press windows my computer frezes and nothing happens and efi boot shows me loading files 2 times then a black screen.

I checked the dvd with cmp /Users/Win8.1.iso /dev/disk4 and got cmp: EOF on /Users/Win8.1.iso which is probably just padding with zeroes, which occurs when the image is smaller than the size of the DVD. I also checked md5 od the DVD and iso file and got different results, after i thought the DVD is corrupted, i burned another DVD with a different burner and it had the same md5 checksum as the previous DVD.

So my question is this, did i burn the DVD wrong or is there some other issue? Is there some other way to install windows other than DVD, or a simple way to install with EFI boot?

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