iphone 8 running IOS 13.1.2, watch 4 running 6.0.1

If I push the crown and ask "is it going to rain today" I get a graphical response of the "weather circle" set to the precipitation percentage, but no spoken response.

If I push the crown and ask what's the forecast for today" I get the same weather circle, but set to cloud coverage with the temperature in the middle, and a spoken response of "here's the forecast for today"

If I push the crown and ask "is it going to rain tomorrow" it says "sure looks like it's going to rain" and I get the 10 day graphical forecast.

I don't recall what the behavior was in past versions since I didn't really use siri a lot.

How do I get it to say "yes, it's going to rain today" or "looks like clear skies today" or something along those lines?


On iPhone and Mac, "Will it rain today" prompts, "It doesn't look like it is going to rain today" with the weather chart.

Siri help says, "Should I bring umbrella today?"

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