It is 100% fixable by rebooting my Mac. It is also 100% annoying when I have to do that. After the reboot I can use Sidecar wirelessly very reliably. Until I disconnect. Or change any Sidecar setting (Like: Show touch bar on/off). After that there is a good chance I have to reboot my Mac for it to work again.

  1. Why does it do that?
  2. How do I temporarily fix that? (Say: Is there a terminal command?)
  3. How do I permanently fix that?

I found that if you go to display preferences -> arrangement -> tick and then untick mirror display option it will work but I would have to repeat this step every time I use sidecar :)

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    This seems to work for me, too. Hopefully, this will be fixed in the next update. – landonepps Oct 8 '19 at 19:59
  • Works for me too, what a relief! – George Oct 25 '19 at 9:24
  • Genius, thanks for stopping me from pulling my hair out before I go bald – Rob Boerman Mar 22 '20 at 11:47
  • 100% the fix, stinks but better than nothing! – Alex Mar 31 '20 at 17:32

when you try to reconnect sidecar, you can click mirror display after connecting your iPad.After that, you will find your iPad get bright.Then canceling mirror operation.


Toggle mirror displays on and off by pressing command-F1 twice.


In case you have multiple displays connected (and one of them is iPad), toggling mirror off/on was not working for me. What helped was to disconnect other displays and then try toggling mirroring tricks when only the iPad is connected.

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