I already have ssh port forwarding set up, and it works with Chicken of the VNC, host set to 'localhost' and port set to the port I have forwarded.

Soon, I won't be able to use Chicken, because the latest OSX version, Catalina, won't let it run because it is a 32bit app.

I've tried to do the same with Screen Sharing, connecting with vnc://localhost:XXXX, but then it asks for a password, which it shouldn't need, and doesn't connect. How can I use the built in VNC client to connect to my remote desktop?

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Try this 64-bit version of Chicken

  • Thanks, this works fine. (I won't accept the answer because it doesn't answer my question, but it does solve the problem, so I'll give you an upvote) Jul 22, 2020 at 8:34

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