I'm trying to record my screen and the audio only coming from my Mac.

When I do a screen recording with quicktime, with audio settings: internal microphone, it records the video but with a lot of external noise (like cats).

How do I make sure that the audio of what is being played on the screen (like music being played on my Mac) is recorded in the video file?

I don't care if I'll have to record the screen and audio separately, or plug in earphones etc, I'd like to have a simple answer.

I have already tried the suggestions in these other questions:

Sadly their solutions don't work for me, as my recordings still capture external noises on macOS Catalina.

What software or setup can do this?

  • Hi Sara, you'll see we've reopened your question. It'd be fantastic if you could edit it to include the version of macOS you're running on your Mac, as this will most likely play a factor on what is the best answer for you. – Monomeeth Oct 19 '19 at 1:50

Try using Background Music.

When recording with Quicktime click the arrow and change the microphone to Background Music.

You can record system audio with Background Music. With Background Music running, launch QuickTime Player and select File > New Audio Recording (or New Screen Recording, New Movie Recording). Then click the dropdown menu () next to the record button and select Background Music as the input device.

You can record system audio and a microphone together by creating an aggregate device that combines your input device (usually Built-in Input) with the Background Music device. You can create the aggregate device using the Audio MIDI Setup utility under /Applications/Utilities.

Edit: If you have homebrew installed you can install using brew cask install background-music


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    Your answer saved me, I've been struggling with BlackHole and BackgroundMusic works like a charm. Btw. from brew: brew cask install background-music – Damien Jan 25 '20 at 14:04
  • Why is it so huge? 224.5MB – malhal Nov 10 '20 at 17:14
  • I used brew install cask background-music – James T Snell Apr 1 at 3:09

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