Trying to create a dual boot system with Debian 10 on my MBP 2016 but the installation process fails because the keyboard input is not recognized. I can move through the initial menu where I can select what I want to do

  • Graphical installation
  • Installation ...

but I can not move through the followup installation where in the first step I shall select a language.

Wrong linux? Need to use a specific version with specific driver pack? Ideas?


Debian 10 comes with Kernel version 4.19. According to State of Linux on the MacBook Pro 2016 & 2017

Keyboard & Touchpad

MacBookPro13,1 working MacBookPro13,2 working MacBookPro13,3 working MacBookPro14,1 working MacBookPro14,2 working MacBookPro14,3 working

Works out of the box with Linux 5.3 and above.

For earlier Linux versions you can get the driver from https://github.com/roadrunner2/macbook12-spi-driver.

Therefore you need either the patch or a distro with a more recent kernel (for example Arch Linux - the current iso has 5.3.1 kernel - or from next month Ubuntu 19.10).

If you want to use Debian 10 you should be able to install using external keyboard and then install the spi driver as described in the link above.

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