OS: Mojave 10.14.6

Laptop: MacPro 2017

Problem: Looks like I can't use two keyboards to execute the same command collaboratively. E.g: For typing command + space, it perfectly works if I execute this shortcut only on one keyboard. However, if I press command at one keyboard, and space at another, the laptop can only recognize the space.

Keyboard combinations I've tried:

  • Apple a1314 + Mac built-in keyboard
  • Apple a1644 (with wire and when it's wireless) + Mac built-in keyboard
  • Apple a1314 + Apple a1644

None of them can work with each other.

Any solution to the problem? Thanks!

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OK problem solved. After installing Karabiner (originally to solve the caps lock delay), I found I can work on two keyboards at the same time. The version I installed was 11.6.0.

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