We're setting up about a dozen mac mini's across the city that need to be managed from a central .

Our IT department is willing to open up some ports and forward them to our lion server but they are not willing to give us VPN access.

What ports do I need to forward to the mini server in order to manage the devices?

  • I'm thinking mostly of when I update a profile and need it to be pushed out to the other devices.
  • I also need each device to be able to authenticate via Open Directory when the machine is remote. Of course I'll setup "mobility" but I still need the machines to sync changes like new passwords when they "can" connect.
  • Lastly, I'd like to be able to connect FROM the server TO each Mac mini via Apple . (The machines will not have static IP addresses on their side.)

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Looking at the apple support page, I've discovered that

  • Open Directory runs on port 625.
  • Password server runs on port 106.
  • Profile Manager runs on port 1640 & 2195.
  • Remote Desktop runs on port 3283.
  • Push Notifications run on port 2196.
  • Simple Authentication runs on port 3659.
  • Bonjour runs on port 5353.
  • Software update service runs on port 8088.
  • Netboot runs on ports 67 & 68.

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