Error message:

Spotlight is using the SafariQuickLookPreview extension, which must be closed before the software can be installed.

enter image description here

I have already closed safari.

What do I need to do to update safari?


This seems to work for me.

Go to Activity and search for 'safari':

enter image description here

Pick the entry 'SafariQuickLookPreview (Spotlight)' entry and kill it.

Then use the 'Try Again' button in the 'Software Update' pane in System Preferences.

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    There is no 'Kill' command on Activity Monitor 10.14 (GB English). 'Quit' didn't work. 'Force Quit' did. So this works for me 😀👍
    – Qsigma
    Sep 25 '19 at 8:07

From a Terminal window you can also just kill the SafariQuickLookPreview process as follows:

pkill -9 SafariQuickLookPreview 

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