I lost my iPhone 7i on the concrete floor. Is there a way to read out from the motion tracking a time stamp when this happened?


Apple does not expose this data to users, so the answer is a general no.

Whether the data was captured doesn’t matter as much as observability does - similar to the “if a tree falls in a forest” thought experiment.

  • He's technically not asking if users can read it, just if it can be read. If Apple can read it then the answer would be yes. Have they been known to do this in warranty claims? – Andreas Sep 21 at 13:01
  • @Andreas This site is for user level details. If the OP is asking SDK or code questions it should be closed here as off topic and migrated to stack overflow. My answer is tailored for this site specifically despite the question being a little vague since the OP showed no research. – bmike Sep 21 at 13:37
  • Whether Apple is known to access this data or not is pretty much user level knowledge. It would certainly be of interest to me if I were to open a warranty claim. – Andreas Sep 21 at 13:49
  • I am just interested out of technical standard, not warranty but It could help to document time and place for inpackt. Does the accelerator activate and written to any log base on the pick up of speed when phone is beaten out of my hand? There is a sudden different in elevation, 1 m + and step registration. If possible I understand that I have to hire someone to get the data or get in contact with Apple. – kas Sep 22 at 20:04

The sensor data is not stored unless you happened to be running an app that specifically stored that data while you dropped it.

  • I have enabled motion tracking in setup so the Health app is recording steps etc .. – kas Sep 21 at 7:35
  • So the question is wheter the motion tracking sensor is differencing between steps (softer trigger) and hard hit on concrete? Probably not, each trigger is counted as one step? The case is a forensic matter .. – kas Sep 21 at 7:50
  • @kasperilaug If you have law enforcement involved, please have them contact Apple in order to determine if evidence can be extracted from the device. Apple may have other options than ordinary users. – jksoegaard Sep 21 at 8:06
  • Tnx that’s a good idea .. I’ll do, but as a Open Source guy I’ll try to find tech answers in geek areas .. any suggestions where to post? – kas Sep 21 at 8:34
  • Not really - there’s no raw data stored that is accessible to ordinary users, so there’s not much “geeks” would be able to do I guess? – jksoegaard Sep 21 at 9:56

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