This is a post I have found on this issue: Apache2 (Httpd) not working after update to High Sierra

But I have a situation where httpd is not running after setting preference -> sharing ->web sharing on

The relevant factors:

I bought this machine used with Sierra installed.

I upgraded it to High Sierra.

I attempted to set localhost as home page in my browers.

The browser responed by indicating they cannot connect to localhost.

I did some Googling and found the post this references.

I did not install Homebrew on this machine.

I have never used Homebrew.

But there may be a possibility that Homebrew was installed at some point and upgrades to the system have not undone it. I do find in /etc/Apache2/ an httpd.conf~previous and many files in ./extra with ~previous appended to various files.

The question is: how can I verify if Homebrew was installed and if so can I safely run the uninstall script found?

There is a related issue with ethernet interfaces: When a browser is used to contact localhost and puts up an error claiming it cannot conntect to localhost, I have noticed that I loose access to the internet (App Store will not connect claiming I don't have an internet connection). BUT I can access machines on the local network via file sharing. So I know the interface is working.

I would like to get this straightened out. I do developement and want localhost to work. I like to have localhost as a landing pad home page for my browsers.

Thank you for time and attention JK


I solved this issue:

httpd has to be started via sudo or by root.

This system is a clean install of High Sierra.

The solution was to run commands in terminal to stop and restart httpd.

The solution to the ethernet interface issue was to reset the PRAM.

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