I have to attend a lot of conference meetings and each of these meetings uses their own conference id or conference number. Usually I call a number and wait for the automated voice to enter the conference number. And then I press a number of # to join the call.

Of course, I know, I can call the number including the conference id to join the meeting. Therefore I call 202-456-1111,,30030011### and I am logged in the conference service under 202-456-1111 with the conference id 30030011.

But I hate to type this in all the time and was looking for a shortcut. I go with this

  1. Ask for Input (Input Type = Number)
  2. Text: 202456111,,{Ask for Input}###
  3. Call

But it only calls the number ignoring everything else including the colons. But in the end the output of the call operation is the expected full number including the colons and hashpounds.

How to change the script to successful be asked for the conference number and perform the call as expected?

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