I am curious to see how can I achieve this action.

So far, I created an automator that asks 3 questions: a ticket number, the name of a project and the type of project.

That creates a series of folders with the name "ticket x - project a (project type) - assets", and a subsequent set of more folders that change the last bit to accommodate recordings, lists and so forth.

We are good there. But now, I have a separate folder that always lives in the same location, with some formats that I need to place inside those newly created folders, and hopefully rename them (later).

I can Get Specified Finder Items to locate the first format, but when I want to Copy that Finder Item to the folders, I encounter that all those paths to the folders I created dynamically cannot be accessed, because the Copy Finder Items TO: does not take existing variables, only new ones.

So, can I save those paths somehow and then pass them to the recipient folder? It's the same when renaming. I can only pass text to the dialog box, not a variable that I just created.

Any ideas?

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From the Copy Finder Items "To:" menu, select "New Variable" and give it an appropriate name. Then after that, you can use the Set Value of Variable to set the value of the newly created variable. Note that you must do this above your Copy Finder Items action so that the variable is set before the copy operation happens.

Example workflow:

  • Thank you, I was finally able to make the path I had just created into a variable, then find the item, copy to the new path and then rename it according to the structure I just created. My life is much easier right now. Commented Sep 25, 2019 at 15:08

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