On my iPhone's notification center, there is a section showing Google notifications. I get notified of baseball and now football scores. How to stop these specific notifications?

  • In general Notifications can be disabled in Settings. If you have problems finding the app causing these notifications please add a screenshot showing the notification. – nohillside Sep 16 at 12:50
  • why would you want to stop baseball scores! Its September!! lol... – jmh Sep 16 at 18:18

First, open Google application (it is not Chrome, fully G icon Google apps) that you have installed on your iPhone. Click on three dots ...(More) -> Settings-> Notifications from where you can disable and customize notifications.

  • got it. too bad cannot fine tune the notifications in sports category. Tell me about Patriots and Jets, but make it easy to suspend and resume those notifications. – Stephen Richter Sep 17 at 13:12

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