I use Microsoft Outlook at work.

I happen to miss appointments/meetings because I do not notice the reminder of the event. Later I notice that the reminder popped up in a different screen on the main desktop.

Is there a way to make the reminder more prominent on Mac for Microsoft Outlook ?

Ideally I would like to see the reminder on all three screens no matter whether the desktop is shown or another virtual desktop.

  • Are you asking about Outlook and the macOS Spaces feature? This is exactly how Outlook works for me. I have seven separate Spaces and, when an Outlook meeting reminder pops up, it shows up on each of the Spaces. I'm running the very latest versions of both macOS Mojave and Outlook w/Office 365. – jefe2000 Sep 12 at 16:39
  • I am not really sure about the terminology to be honest. But I believe what you describe is exactly what I am looking for. I want the reminder to pop up on all visible screens/desktops. Would you please be so kind and let me know how you achieved this? I am unable to find a solution unfortunately. – Ely Sep 13 at 6:55
  • Is there really no one who can help with my problem ? I cannot find a solution. – Ely Sep 16 at 15:07
  • IIRC, I didn't explicitly do anything to get Outlook to behave as I've described. "It just works." Not helpful, I know. One thing I will mention is that I have the macOS Mission Control preferences in the System Preferences set to not give displays separate Spaces. This may be involved somehow; it might be worth a try on your end to uncheck that Mission Control checkbox and see whether it makes a difference. – jefe2000 Sep 17 at 17:35

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