I've been using Notability to record meetings, as the recording is tied to notes, so finding specific information after the meeting is much easier; however, for online meetings (GoogleHangouts, FaceTime etc), I wear earphones so as to not disturb my coworkers.

Does anyone know of any way I could set things up so that Notability records the signal going out to the earphones, as well as the input from the built-in mic?

Alternatively, if using earphones with a built-in mic would offer a solution, I'd certainly be willing to invest.

This feature is incredibly helpful for staying organized, but I haven't been able to figure out a work-around for these online meetings (& > 50% of my meetings are online...).

Thanks in advance for your time & help!

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Audio Hijack, from Rogue Amoeba, does a fantastic job with this. Perhaps a bit overkill for your needs, but it allows you to route audio channels to equalizers, to separate or combined files, etc. It's extremely powerful.

Given your use case though, I think Soundflower (which is free) may be just the ticket. Soundflower creates a virtual audio device that allows you to listen to your audio channel and use it as an input at the same time. (For example, you could record and listen to a radio broadcast at the same time).

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