I need to type a leftwards arrow, an example as follows:


Is this possible using the keyboard on macOS Mojave?

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    What I do is I use aText and I use abbrebiations that start with !a-, like !a-right, !a-down, which then expand to the unicode arrows. At least for me this was the best way to effortlessly throw in arrows because the abbreviations are easy enough to remember: here's a gif of that — I thought that maybe you could use the built-in text expander, but I think it has some limitations that make it unusable in general. That's how I remember it anyways. – Joonas Sep 11 '19 at 17:49

Use ctrl+cmd+space to bring up the Character Viewer. It is also accessible in edit menu → Emoji and Symbols. Leave the cursor where you want to type and double click on the arrow you want.

enter image description here

Alternatively, The alt codes for arrows can be viewed here on Wikipedia. Have Hex input enabled and active in input sources in keyboard preferences.

enter image description here

For right arrow, hold alt and type 2190. ← will appear.

enter image description here


More standard codes can be found in this table


There are a few ways you can do this:

Copy and paste the character

You can simply copy and paste the unicode 2190 character

Another method

  1. In System Preferences, click Language & Region
  2. Click Keyboard Preferences
  3. Click Input Sources
  4. Click the + button
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Other
  6. Select Unicode Hex Input and click Add
  7. Select Show Input menu in menu bar (if not already selected)
  8. Close the System Preferences window

To enter Unicode

  1. Click the flag icon in the menu bar*
  2. Select Unicode Hex Input
  3. Hold down the option key while typing the Unicode Hex code: 2190 = ← 2192 = → 2191 = ↑ 2193 = ↓

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