QuickTime apparently has a built-in MIDI synthesizer. I would like to send MIDI output to a virtual MIDI device that will use this synthesizer. Can this be done?

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Quicktime 7 had Midi playback capabilities, but no method to generate its own data for output that I'm aware of.
It didn't sound very good anyway & almost no-one ever used it for anything even half serious ;)

Quicktime 7 is deprecated & will no longer work in Catalina. Newer Quicktime versions do not have Midi playback capability.

In Applications/Utilities/AudioMIDI Setup there is a routing device known as the IAC Bus [Window menu or Cmd/2 to show it]that can route Midi between any capable apps. It's always been somewhat under-used & tbh even as a sound engineer who's been using Midi for 35 years I haven't had occasion to use it since maybe the early 90s.. honestly, I've forgotten how you even wire it up these days.

enter image description here

I'm sure you'd be better off finding a cheap or freeware Midi sequencer app - Garageband comes with the Mac, but there are others.

  • Follow-up question: Is it possible to use GarageBand as a MIDI output device?
    – Thom Smith
    Sep 11, 2019 at 17:04

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