Macbook Pro Mojave 10.14.6

Yesterday I composed an email w/2 attachments [46MB]. I clicked the Send arrow at top of email but did not hear swoosh sound.

I checked all Sent boxes but this email was not in any mailbox. I contacted Applecare tech support but they could not find it on my system.

The email has not been rejected/returned and I haven’t heard from intended recipient as to whether he received it.

How can I be sure the email was sent out as intended?

  • Which email service did you use? Are large attachments to be sent with mail drop enabled for that account ? One way to make sure about delivery would have been to bcc yourself. But for this one, outbox is the only place it should be in. – ankii Sep 10 at 14:07
  • 46 MB in an email which is also quite weird to do. Anyway, check your Outbox. It should be there. Once you have a large MB file, your email will go to Outbox first till it manages to send it. – Udhy Sep 10 at 16:32

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