On the 2018 Mac minis there are CPUs with Intel TXT support (e.g. Core i5-8500B) and without Intel TXT support (e.g. Core i3-8100B).

Now I heard, that even though e.g. the Core i5-8500B supports Intel TXT* , one won't be able to use it, as Intel TXT also requires TPM and Mac minis don't have any TPM chip. Is that correct and that therefore e.g. virtualization products on MacOS can't use any Intel TXT security features?

Source for Intel TXT support on Core i5-8500B: see Intel ARK at the bottom of the page written as IntelĀ® Trusted Execution Technology

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    Which practical problem are you trying to solve here? – nohillside Sep 10 '19 at 12:35

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