I tried to check Unlimited scrollback option in the iTerm2 settings, however, it doesn't seems to be applied for longer outputs (say couple of thousands lines). The output gets truncated so I can scroll up just to the last 1000 lines or so. enter image description here

I am running Mojave with ZSH 5.7.1 installed, the HISTSIZE is set to the 100 000 lines (however I don't think that matters to the terminal emulator). So is there something I am missing? Thanks for help

  • Actually I found out it's working for all tabs other than the first one. Which means the first tab still has the limit. Weird :-/ – Petr Mensik Sep 19 '19 at 15:34

Unlimited scrollback might not work properly as expected, I am not sure why but it is may be because of the config of zsh.

So, I would suggest you specify the scrollback lines like 10000 (in my case) in the textbox and unchecked the "unlimited scrollback buffer" option

enter image description here

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