Is there a way to select multiple files and edit their file names as a list in a text editor?

I'm asking because I want to copy the names of x files over to another folder containing the same number of files. Being able to edit the file names as a text file would be the most convenient way to do this

This is possible using Total Commander on Windows; any way on Mac?

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    Does the target directory contain the same number of files, or files with the same names as the files in the source directory? How exactly do you want to rename the files, there are ways both in Finder and in bash to batch-rename files. – nohillside Sep 9 at 6:11

I was thinking about using Automator for this, but it doesn't seem that easy...

I really want to help you tho so I am ready to make an application for you to do this! Tell me if you need it :)

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