I have two folders on my NAS that are shared between macs. However it seems every time the finder restarts, or logout, Mojave completely forgets their size (width x height) and placement (offset x,y) when I re-open them.

Is there some way to get the finder to know where and what size it should open shared network folders?

Edit: The two folders in question are in List View, positioned to the bottom of the screen side by side of each other. When I re-open them after a reboot or finder restart (logout/in), then they are positioned way to the left lower of screen, wider, and short in height (clearly not where I left them).

I found some posts about how to get new finder windows to open in a size/location (which that I don't have any issues with)... but nothing about how to solve network folders.

  • What finder view are you using? What do you mean by size - size of icon or size of files on that share? – user151019 Sep 8 at 22:06
  • Make sure the network drive isn’t omitted from your spotlight settings. – Theologin Sep 8 at 23:07
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    What I do for windows that I always want to be in a certain location on the screen and size, settings, etc., I use AppleScript to open these windows as I want them. It just makes it so much easier to deal with for the the really repetitive tasks with these windows. Food for thought. – user3439894 Sep 9 at 0:10
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    As an example, I have an AppleScript application with this example AppleScript code in the Toolbar of Finder. It is one of many I have but this one when clicked, moves that window to a defined location, size and view, then opens another window to a defined location and size and view. To get the bounds, I setup my windows where I wanted them and then in Script Editor I used tell application "Finder" to get {name, bounds} of every window to get the window name and bounds for use in the actual script. – user3439894 Sep 9 at 14:39
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    Have a look at The Bounds Property for a clear explanation of the bounds property. – user3439894 Sep 9 at 14:40

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