I use most of my apps in full screen which creates individual spaces.

The issue is the current app/space does not change focus when I try to open another app.


  1. I download a file on the chrome browser. I click on "open in finder" to open finder. Finder opens in the background, but the macOS doesn't change the active window/space to the desktop where finder has opened.

  2. Opening any apps via Alfred or spotlight does not bring the newly opened to front - if I am on the full-screen app.


  • All of this (brining the app to front) works when I am NOT in full screen - aka working in desktop space.
  • I primarily work in a dual-display setup
  • Here's my mission control setting <code>mission control setting</code>
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    I don't think I'd be the first here to recommend not using full screen. – lx07 Sep 6 at 19:13

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