When I copy a linked picture in Excel for Mac (v16 via 365 subscription) the linked image is far larger and blurred. How do I ensure the linked picture is the same size and quality as the original?

  • Welcome to Ask Different! Please see How to Ask for important info on asking questions here. What version of macos and Excel/Office are you using? How are you obtaining and pasting the picture?
    – fsb
    Sep 3, 2019 at 15:38
  • You can click on the image. Round and boxed corners should appear. Drag to make smaller. Doing so may reduce the blur. Sep 3, 2019 at 23:13
  • @historystamp - resizing the image makes no difference, it's still blurred
    – KHS123
    Sep 4, 2019 at 7:17

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Unfortunately it seems like the office suite (Excel included) automatically compresses the image. You'd have to just insert the original image. There may be a workaround for this but I haven't been able to solve it yet. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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