Can I convert a RAID 0 set to a RAID 5 set in a Mac Pro? I currently have two 500GB drives in a RAID 0 set. I want to add a third drive and convert it to a RAID 5 set. Is it possible to do this without wiping the current array and rebuilding from scratch? If I have to rebuild from scratch, can I take an image of the current state using Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC), kill the RAID 0 set, make the RAID 5 set, and restore from the CCC image?

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Disk Utility will only support RAID 1 and 0 using software raid.

If you have the RAID Card for the Mac Pro, you can configure RAID 5. I've never actually used or configured one of these in the wild so I can't give you exact specifics on using it.

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