I received a text message from my wife and on my end the phrase the crickets was underlined, and when I tapped it, it took me to a Wikipedia article on Buddy Holly's band The Crickets.

When I asked her if she had done something special on her end to cause that, she said no, and in my own text to her the words were turned into a hyperlink too. This is happening automatically.

She was referring to the insects, not to the band.

What is this inane feature called and how is it turned off?

iPhone text message with hyperlink

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    Wild guess but check after settings -> Siri and search -> messages, turn off Siri&suggestions – ankii Aug 28 at 11:00
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    Abracadabra, it worked :) If you make it an answer I will upvote it. – Tim Aug 28 at 12:22

Settings -> Siri and Search -> Messages, turn off Siri & suggestions .

It is not present in Messages-> Siri(absent), otherwise it were intuitive, like Safari -> Siri(Present).

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