For getting macOS, Windows 10 and Ubuntu as boot options at start up, I:

However, the outcome is that:

  • the Bootcamp option no longer boots into Windows. What happens is that there is a short delay and then it boots into macOS.
  • Booting into Ubuntu works - selecting this option at the Startup Manager launches GRUB, which has options to boot Ubuntu and Windows. The Windows option here works, Windows is booted.

So it seems that the Ubuntu installer has looked for Windows and in my words, "taken it away" from the Startup Manager and linked it to GRUB.

How can I edit the original Apple Startup Manager settings so that the Bootcamp option is reconnected to the Windows partition so it boots it?

I've already looked at:

...and they are related but all I really need is to link up the Apple Startup Manager boot option for Windows to the Windows partition again.

Windows itself still works, but has to be booted through selecting the option in GRUB which I did not want.

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