Ive been working on a solution for this for a few days but haven't come up with anything useful. I currently manage ~ 200 Macs at a school. The students each log in with their student number and password, and it loads up their information. The person that I am taking over for had it set so that there would be a default dock displayed when the students logged in for the first time, which I can trace back through the file path and find the plist file. I have a new plist file created for it, but even if I add it to the directory that it should be in I still can't get it to load the new dock when I sign in or the students sign in. I have tried editing /Library/User\ Template/English.lproj/Library/Preferences, and it didn't work. I have also tried manually putting the file into out default account for the template and pushing that out, and it didn't work. Ive tried using the root user to copy the file to the proper location through terminal, and that also didn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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