My question is simple enough1, depending on your generosity: the steps posed in the above linked thread are straightforward, except for one small point... I can't find the Service receives no input step in my MacOS Mojave install. I've opened Automator, but I just don't see where that option is. Actually, I can see it in the Quick Option screen, but not in the Workflow screen.

Thus, I think this is why I'm also unable to follow the below step:

Assign a shortcut, in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services:

Screen Shot to Clipboard and File 5

That is, I don't see anywhere in the Shortcuts window to edit an existing 'Services: Screen Shot to Clipboard and File' shortcut or add a new one with the same name.

Has something changed about Automator since the otherwise awesome answer to the above linked question was first posted?

1 I would've asked this in Copy screenshot to clipboard in addition to saving the file but it's locked and not only am I new to Mac, I'm also new to StackExchange.

  • Yes, things changed since that answer was written. In macOS Mojave, a Service in Automator is now called a Quick Action, so select that. Also, ⇧⌘5 is by default assigned to a new Screenshot feature, so try using ⇧⌘6 instead. – user3439894 Aug 25 '19 at 12:17
  • I've updated the linked question for macOS Mojave. – user3439894 Aug 25 '19 at 12:37