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As the picture depics some of my folders turned grey after I executed Killall Finder command. For your information, I run a macOS 10.14.6. Do anyone know what this means, and how to get it back to normal again?

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  • They're hidden files & folders. method to return to normal view depends on what OS you're on. Can you add that info to your question? – Tetsujin Aug 24 at 16:26
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    Thanks for answering so quickly! I added that information in my question now. – yoenca Aug 24 at 16:31

They're hidden files & folders.

Since Sierra you can toggle visibility simply using Cmd ⌘ Shift ⇧ . [period]

Prior to Sierra you would need to toggle visibility in Terminal or by script & then kill the Finder to make the changes register.

See How to show hidden files on mac without Terminal for the scripted method.

  • Thank you so much!! – yoenca Aug 24 at 16:50

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