For years I've been using a Dell U2515H monitor as external display for my Macbook Pro. Yesterday I purchased a second monitor (exactly the same) and connected it through HDMI to my Macbook Pro (2018) using a docking station. The first monitor is connected over DP.

The screen is working, but my Macbook doesnt recognize it as a second monitor, it just sees the Macbook and one external screen (Dell U2515H) in Display settings.

I have tried to hold down the option key to use the 'Detect displays' function, but that doesnt do anything.

I have no other screen around to test on to see if this is an issue because the two external monitors are exactly the same model.


I was using the Hyperdrive Pro Docking Station, and apparently its sharing the signal for its HDMI and DP port. I had to buy an adaptar (USB-C to HDMI) to attach the second monitor to the hub, and this solved the issue.

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