I am not sure why I try to update the number of the column width, but once I click out of the box, it reverts back to the original width. What can I do to keep the value I type? enter image description here

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    Can you please post a screenshot of what you are trying to do? – JBis Aug 22 at 3:31
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    Which instructions did you follow? – nohillside Aug 22 at 8:18
  • Sorry, I just updated my question with the screenshot of what I am trying to update but as soon as I click out from there, it reverts to the original "4.4597 in" – Martha Lizbeth Aug 22 at 16:43
  • Thanks for the screenshot, that’s very helpful. Can you add a link to the instructions you were following? – grg Aug 22 at 20:26
  • This one: discussions.apple.com/thread/3892583 – Martha Lizbeth Aug 22 at 22:54

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