I and my colleagues happened to see a strange letter appearing randomly in texts typed by another colleague who uses a MacBook and with the "Simple Telex" input method used for their keyboard setting. The random character appears as a white dot on a black background (see image below).

It can appear anywhere (in Excel, a blog post, etc).

Has anyone else encountered this? Any suggestions on how to avoid it?

enter image description here

  • Firstly, welcome to Ask Different! :) Just curious, has your colleague tried using the "Telex" input method instead just to see if the problem also appears with that? – Monomeeth Aug 21 '19 at 3:46
  • Please copy/paste one of these characters into the text of your question (not an image) so we can see what codepoint it is. – Tom Gewecke Aug 21 '19 at 9:38
  • Here's the text: "Đối với trẻ nhỏ dưới 2 tuổi, hệ thống này chủ yếu dành cho những người chăm sóc bé". the character is infrontof "hệ thống". My colleague use "simple telex" on default macbook typing utility. I can see that when I paste the texts, the special character is also pasted and present in those texts. But affter saving this comment, when i edit the comment, in the box, the special character disappeared. – vuquyty Aug 21 '19 at 10:28
  • Here's also the link to the website that has the character that i've mention above: thepresentwriter.com/… – vuquyty Aug 21 '19 at 10:29
  • Could you isolate this character and increase the font size to something very large and post an image of that here? – Tom Gewecke Aug 21 '19 at 14:34

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