Today I tried opening Photos app on my MBP and the library started updating, but after getting to 83% the app crashed with the message in the title. I tried some steps I found online, but to no avail. I also tried restarting my computer, it didn't help. It crashes every time it gets to 83%.

Should I reset the library and hope that I don't lose the photos, or is there any other workaround? The OS was updated few days ago and this was the first time I tried opening the app after the update (it worked normally before).

Thank you in advance and kind regards

enter image description here

  • Update: creating a new library seems to allow me to run the app, but the system library (which is located in the pictures folder) still doesn't work. I have never tampered with any of its files or anything, so I have no idea what could've cause the problem. – Fruut Aug 19 at 13:51

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