My MacBook Pro (15 in Retina, early 2013, macOS 10.14.5) sleeps unexpectedly, although there is enough charge in the battery. To wake it up, I must connect the power supply. Furthermore, the fans run at high speed every now and then, even though the MacBook isn't under heavy usage and is properly ventilated.

I reset the SMC according to these instructions: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201295, but the problems went on. I checked the computer with EtreCheck (core version) and coconutBattery; both detected no issues.

What else could I try?

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Run diagnostics on the Mac as follows:

  1. Disconnect all external devices
  2. Go to Apple Menu —> Restart
  3. Immediately press and hold down the D key while your Mac restarts
  4. Keep holding the D key until you see the screen listing different languages appears
  5. Click English. Apple Diagnostics starts automatically.

Common results could be:

  • Wi-Fi — a failure of the AirPort wireless card (4AIR)
  • Hard disk and SSD (4HDD)
  • Logic board (4IRP)
  • Memory — RAM (4MEM)
  • External disk (4MHD)
  • Fans (4MOT)
  • Processor (4PRC)
  • Video/graphics card (4YDC)

I'd recommend you see if you have a fan issue: 4MOT

  • Thank you! Apple Diagnostics doesn't run. (It says "Unable to run diagnostics. DEC500"; then it boots into Internet Recovery, which fails saying "apple.com/support -1007D".) Is there another way to test the fans? Could a fan issue also be an explanation for the sudden sleep?
    – Lorenz
    Aug 18, 2019 at 20:53
  • I tried to run Apple Diagnostics another time, but it didn't work. (The MacBook booted into Internet Recovery again and this time failed saying "Error: 0x80000000000003, Cannot Load 'EFI/Drivers/TestSupport.efi', Status: 0x00000003".) Maybe the MacBook has a EFI problem, but in my opinion this wouldn't explain the problems it has while running macOS.
    – Lorenz
    Sep 3, 2019 at 7:54

Open it up and blow out the dust. Do a PRAM reset along with the SMC reset. Let us know if it is still happening and we can go from there.

  • Thank you! I did the PRAM reset, and now I'm observing the MacBook's behaviour for a few days. I'll open and clean the MacBook, but I have to buy this screwdriver first ...
    – Lorenz
    Aug 18, 2019 at 20:51
  • I opened the MacBook and blew out the dust. And I did a PRAM reset (support.apple.com/en-us/HT204063) and another SMC reset. The MacBook still has the two problems.
    – Lorenz
    Sep 3, 2019 at 7:55

A local Mac repair shop advised me to do a clean reinstall of macOS and to make sure that the EFI partition is reinstalled as well. I did this, but the problems are still there.

With the release of macOS 11 Big Sur, I learned that this Mac will no longer get updates after autumn 2022. I will therefore not continue to search for solutions to the problems.

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