I’ve noticed that for awhle now that Disk Utility has been flaky on my iMac: iMac, 2015, Oct, 27” 5K display, Fusion HDD, OS 10.14.5

OTOH, it runs just fine on my MB Pro: MacBook Pro Retina, 2013, OS 10.14.5

I ran DU > First Aid last night and the iMac froze completely: no cursor movement, no response to keyboard commands.

Restarted, tried DU again, everything froze again.

Restarted, zapped the pram, tried again, froze again.

Restarted, logged into a test account, DU froze everything again.

Restarted in Safe Boot, DU froze everything again.

Restarted in Recovery Mode, ran DU DFA on the Base System and all was OK. Ran DU DFA on the Macintosh HD, and all was fine but I noted that there were 48 snapshots.

BTW, in all cases noted above, only peripheral attached was the keyboard.

QUESTION: What determines the number of snapshots? Is 48 a “normal” amount? I booted the MB Pro in Recovery Mode, but in DU, the MacintoshHD was greyed out: probably because it is encrypted?

A little searching around revealed that this is not an isolated problem I am experiencing; apprently other folks are having problems with DU in both High Sierra and Mojave but no one is offering any solutions.

Is it time/would it hurt to reinstall the OS via Disk Recovery?

  • I'd be worried about disk failure. Better to be safe than sorry. I'd recommend a full backup of your system. timemachine or carbon copy cloner. – historystamp Aug 17 at 1:32
  • That was my first thought. I have CCC set to automatically clone my HD each evening and I have Time Machine backups too. I'll play close attention to other indications of a failing drive PLUS I found this SSD replacement kit on OWC. eshop.macsales.com/item/OWC/YIMAC272Y2.0 – Penny11 Aug 18 at 13:36

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