• MacBook Pro7,1
  • 2TB Crucial SSD
  • High Sierra
  • fsroot count invalid

I have a MacBook Pro7,1 (13" Mid-2010). I recently replaced the 512GB hard drive with a 2TB SSD from Crucial memory. I'm trying to clean install High Sierra. Every time I erase the SSD and reinstall the OS from internet recovery, at some point in the process the SSD ends up with an invalid fsroot count. I have read a whole bunch of different articles and threads where people are getting this error, and everyone's issue seems to resolve after (at worst) wiping the drive and reinstalling. I am not so lucky.

As I see it, this is an exhaustive list of the possible causes:

  • Faulty SSD
  • Faulty SATA ribbon
  • Faulty motherboard/logic board
  • Bug in Apple's installer / Disk Utility (or incompatibility with my hardware configuration)
  • Some hacker creep is intercepting and corrupting Apple's software every time I boot into internet recovery mode.

Is there any factor for which I am failing to account here?

What seems most likely from that list?

Thank you for any help!

  • Is the crucial drive Mac compatible? (It should be but that might be as far fetched as a faulty SATA ribbon.) But yes you are on the right track. One thing that comes to mind is install the SSD in another computer and install an OS just to test the drive. I would NOT recommend trying to bypass the installer issue. – Thomas Nelson Aug 16 at 5:22
  • Try creating a high Sierra USB Install media instead of running internet installer. – Thomas Nelson Aug 16 at 5:29
  • Oh add bad RAM to the list of possibilities too, – Thomas Nelson Aug 16 at 5:30

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