I have a group in my contacts where some people have multiple emails addresses. Starting an email on macOS does what I want, but starting email on iOS tries to send email to all their addresses.

Example group named "Peeps", which contains two people:

Joe: 2 emails: joe1@example.com, joe2@example.com
John: 2 emails: john@example.com, john.doe@example.com

Starting email on iOS to "Peeps" fills in the to field with 4 addresses.

joe1@example.com, joe2@example.com, john@example.com, john.doe@example.com

Starting email on macOS uses two addresses.

joe1@example.com, john.doe@example.com

That's what I want, but I'm not sure how it's picking the addresses. Maybe it's using the most frequently used.

So, two-part question:

  1. How is macOS picking which address to use for a person?
  2. Is there a way to make iOS behave like macOS?

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