i had to replace my iphone 7 screen after getting pink lines across my screen. I disconnected the battery etc and fitted the new screen, i plugged in battery and switched it on the apple logo appears but took a very long time to boot up, when i manged to get to the home screen the touch screen wasnt working so i turned it off checked connections all seemed to be ok, i tried to restart it but the screen was black and the back light was on? i double checked the flex cables still nothing so i assumes the screen is a dodgy one, i bought another one fitted that one and the screen is still black but backlight was on urghhh i tried to connect it to a computer and its not being recognised by itunes but i do have to say that the inside (maybe a chip) below the back camera was very very hot! and i did buy another battery a long time ago would it be the battery? or is my phone dead? please help

  • If something doesn't work after a hardware replacement, then it it likely the replacement parts were bad (or faulty installation). Or maybe that wasn't the only problem with the phone. Sorry sounds like something is still broken. – Steve Chambers Aug 13 at 20:01
  • Ok i got a feeling it could be the battery as it was a cheaper one so i think ill go ahead and see what happens with a better one ty – mjrork Aug 13 at 21:58
  • ok its not the battery or the screen i tried my sister in laws urgh and its still the same! ive checked connections and i give up i have no idea what to do now 😔 – mjrork Aug 15 at 19:11

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