I am trying to install the Voigt profile fitting (vpfit) program on a 64 bit macOS machine.

I'm stuck on this. Kindly help if anyone had any luck with the installation.

Here is what I did:

*Port Install pgplot - https://guaix.fis.ucm.es/~ncl/howto/howto-pgplot (This part is working)

  • sudo port install xorg-server
  • sudo port install pgplot
  • sudo port -f activate libgcc9
  • • After the installation, make sure that the expected environment variables are properly set (at least PGPLOT_DIR must exist; PGPLOT_DEV is also quite useful). One can check this by executing:
  • echo $PGPLOT_DIR
  • echo $PGPLOT_DEV

Install Cfitsio - This part is working

  • sudo port install cfitsio +gcc7


• Edit makefile

cfitsx = /usr/local/lib/cfitsio.a

pgpltx = /usr/local/lib//libpgplot.a

  • make vpmac

I am getting undefined symbols for architecture

  • I assume by the port you are using Macports - if so please note in question. If you are using Macports then what it installs in in /opt/local so what are the files thjat you have in /usr/local ? – Mark Aug 12 at 20:21

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