I am trying to understand a disconnection issue with YouTube USB streaming from an I-Phone XR(iOS 12.3). The phone is connected through USB to the Ford SYNC 2 audio system. Every time, there is a call and the USB is disconnected, YouTube will not resume play when hitting the resume button in the vehicle. Using the pause/resume controls on the phone will have no audio output in the vehicle.

Specifically, when YouTube is in background and a music app is streaming, the music will not resume or recover after the call has ended. The only work around is to disconnect the cable and reconnect. This did not seem to be the case in IOS 11.

How does IOS prioritize audio source for USB connection when two apps are running? Does YouTube require any special arguments when resuming a recent connection?

  • Is the car system completely up to date? idk the Ford system, but my 3rd party [Pioneer] CarPlay always needs a firmware update for every major iOS release. – Tetsujin Aug 12 '19 at 17:48

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