My Macbook Pro (Mid 2015) won't turn on.

I recently replaced the keyboard and after putting everything back together and turning it on, the condition of the battery said "replace now", i didn't have this problem before replacing the keyboard.

It stayed like this for about a week and i could only power on my Macbook with the Magsafe connected, there was no power coming from the battery at all. I don't believe this was a battery problem though as my Macbook would restart after about 5 mins, even with the battery dosconnected. So it seems like a software problem or something.

Now i can't even turn my Macbook on. The battery is disconnected and i'm trying to power from the Magsafe which should work, but it doesn't. I've tried an SMC reset countless amount of times with no success. At first the Magsafe light was changing colour, indicating that an SMC reset has been recognized, but now even the light won't change colour when i try an SMC reset.

If my Macbook won't even turn on when trying to power it using only the magsafe and with the battery dosconnected, what could the problem be? Macbooks are supposed to power on automatically when connecting the Magsafe if the battery is diconnected, so I'm at a complete loss.

  • I would check I didn't forget to plug something or a roaming screw inside during the keyboard replacement. – dan Aug 10 at 11:48
  • My new keyboard worked fine for the time that my Macbook would turn on though. Could it maybe be a logic board problem? – Alex Wells Aug 10 at 12:23

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