I have my Google Calendar synced up to my iPhone 4S and by all the settings I can find, it looks like I am supposed to recieve alerts 15 minutes before every event. However, this has never happened.

How come there is no alert being displayed when an event is upcoming? I can see it in Notification Centre, but there is no banner or alert.


Something that seems to work for Google calendars: on your phone, go to Settings => Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Scroll down to the Calendars block. Select Default alert times. You can then chose phone alerts by type of event.

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    This works for me, iPhone 8. – Ardee Aram Jan 8 '18 at 15:28

I have also been having the same problem and have found that the solution is to set the reminder in the Google Calendar web interface to "pop-up". You can set this to be your default reminder by going to Settings -> Calendars -> Notifications (in the same row as your calendar). You can set up multiple reminders here.

I'm fairly certain that this didn't used to be the case but I'm not sure when it changed (or if it definitely did change). For reference, I'm using an iPhone 3GS on iOS 5.1


I have had trouble with this as well. I got my Iphone to give me a banner alert but it only stays up for such a short time that yu have to have the phone in your hand to make it practical.I then discovered this app Lock info - Harri Lainio and it allows me to set my lock screen with reminders that stay on the screen for as long or short as I like! Up to a week of reminders if you like. set 48 hours which is fantastic. It has much such a difference to my life, I've reigned in the chaos and have stopped missing my appointments. I can't believe that Iphone wont allow you to set your own lock screen but this cheap app solves all the prob - Highly recommend it!

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